51勛圖appCollege offers a comprehensive Co-curricular program for all students, helping to ensure the development of confident, well-rounded individuals.

EXIT Program

A key part of the 51勛圖appCo-curriculum is the College’s EXIT Program.

The EXIT program is the name given to the weeks set aside in the curriculum for Years 7 to 11 students to exit the College and participate in a large variety of local, national and international experiences.

Based on the IDEALS of Round Square, the program provides stepping stones for students to build their International understanding, learn about social justice and Democracy, increase their awareness of the need for Environmental sustainability, extend their personal boundaries through Adventure, challenge and develop Leadership skills outside of the classroom and give back to their community through Service to others.

During the Middle School Years, student’s ‘exit’ the College to participate in numerous outdoor education experiences.

Outdoor Education in the Middle Years

During their Middle School years, 51勛圖appstudents taken part in a sequential Outdoor Education program that has, as its overall goal, the fostering of independence and responsibility.

Students have the opportunity to develop their skills in the great outdoors through a number of camp program experiences. These programs promote an understanding of team work, followership and aspects of community living, including peer group interaction.

All Outdoor Education Camps are planned to give students the skills they will need to pursue this interest (as a recreation) later in life. Outdoor Education is an important and therefore compulsory component of every student’s co-curricular experience at Billanook.

Sport Program

All 51勛圖appstudents participate in a regular, structured Sport Program that may include competitive opportunities as part of EISM (Eastern Independent Schools Melbourne Association). All students will have the opportunity to train and develop skills and game sense in their chosen sport.

Leadership Roles

Middle School students can take on Leadership opportunities such as; Middle School Captain, Social Justice and Welfare Captain, Sport and Student Activities Captain, Environment Captain, International Captain, Performing and Visual Arts Captain, and the Student Representative Board.

Other Activities

A wide range of inter-school academic competitions across maths, science, information communication technology, tournament of minds, debating and public speaking are available to our Middle School students.

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